Male Ancestry

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ExceedMDx Genetic Testing offers a reliable, accurate and confidential Y-DNA Test to test for and determine male lineage. This test can be used in a number of different situations, including:

  1. To ascertain one's personal family history on the male paternal side

  2. Proof of relationship including kinship or sibling relationship as well as distant cousins sharing the same last name

  3. To use one's Y-DNA information to study personal ancestry including ethnic and geographic origins.

Test Description: Every person has 23 pairs of chromosomes. One half of the pair is inherited from the mother and the other from the father. One pair of everyone's chromosomes is known as the Sex Chromosomes. Each female has two sex chromosomes of the same kind, the X-Chromosomes. In contrast, each male has one X-Chromosome and one Y-Chromosome. The Y-Chromosome is passed unchanged from a father to all of his sons. More importantly, the Y-Chromosome is inherited relatively unchanged throughout generations. Hence it could provide important information regarding the male's ancestry. For additional resources to help with in-depth analysis of results please click here.

As well, if we are provided with 2 DNA samples from two different males, we can determine if these 2 individuals are related.

Required Sample: Saliva is used for this test. The sample is collected by simply spitting into a saliva collection device supplied by ExceedMDx Genetic Testing. Saliva collection using a buccal swab is also available upon request. Following sample collection the DNA in the saliva is preserved in a provided preservative. The tube containing the preserved DNA sample is shipped in the supplied shipping envelope back to ExceedMDx Genetic Testing where the test will be carried out. If you want to use these test results in a Court of Law, please contact us.

Privacy and Confidentiality: All information, materials and results will be kept confidential during communication and documentation. For more detailed information on our Privacy Policy please click here.

Cost: Pricing covers all the required materials for sample collection and shipping as well as the test fees and the reporting of results to our customers, with no hidden extra costs.

Fast Turnaround Time: Upon receipt of samples at our facility turnaround time is 3-5 business days. Rush service also available with a 2 day turnaround for an additional fee. Click here for a sample report for our male ancestry test.

How to Order the Test: After identifying the specific test(s) to meet your needs, we will provide you with the required materials for sample collection along with post-collection shipping materials. Please contact ExceedMDx Genetic Testing for more information:

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