ExceedMDX Offers Convenient, Non-Invasive & Confidential DNA Testing Performed by Highly Competent and Professional Staff

Using Our Service is Easy!

Step 1: Place your order online, by phone or email.
Step 2 & 3: We ship you a complete package WITHIN 24 HRS. The package contains saliva DNA collection kit with easy-to-follow instructions. Simply spit a few mL of saliva into the tube, add the DNA preservative and ship back in provided envelope. The saliva collection vial has a unique bar code that ensures full confidentiality.
Step 4 & 5: Our Scientists will isolate DNA from the saliva perform the ordered genetic test(s) and analyses.
Step 6: In only a few days your test results are ready.

Tests Available

Male Ancestry Maternal Ancestry Paternity Test Maternity Test Genetic Testing Urine-Based Pathogen Tests

Mission Statement: ExceedMDx Genetic Testing is dedicated to providing our customers with efficient, accurate and reliable molecular diagnostics testing and to providing dedicated and expert support services to our customers.